'I'am a little squrriely'
About Me
I prowl the midnight sky, looking for other cats to hang with and mice to enjoy! I love sunbathing.. on my owner's cat and leaving my paw prints behind!! I have a step-sister named Hannah and one dog in law named Kami. I love to spend my days out and roaming around. I'am one very sly kitty. My owner is 20 years old and i hope i can go with her to college, I'am more of a contry kitty and i must get used to this city life soon!
i'l' be a kitty at college at 5 yrs old!

I'am 5 years old and was a mother for 4 beautiful babies, i had three daughters and one son named
Dc (my lil girl) Devil Lily, Peaches and my son O2. They were born May 12,2006. In the backyard of my owner's neighbors house. I loved my babies, but the owners had to take them away, and this Made me sad but one of my daughters Devil Lilly was taken my my owner 's mother's freind.

TheScottsman wrote at February 11, 2008
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